To help get DRT’s to potential resurrections fasterm we are currently looking for teams and leaders all around the world who can help field resurrection requests and facilitate on-site and/or virtual resurrection prayer sessions.


All DRT’s will be trained and equipped for the following:

  • Hear God’s direction and act on it in each situation
  • Handle resurrection requests in a safe and healthy way
  • Pray for resurrection according to God’s heart and scripture
  • Resurrection etiquette
  • The full commissioning of Matthew 10:8
  • Partner effectively with local/nearby DRT’s for resurrections as well as training


If you believe you are called to partner with us in obeying Matthew 10:8 and be a part of the Dead Raising Team then please review the information below and then proceed to submit your application. There is no cost or official membership commitment – this is purely to help the DRT grow and run more effectively world wide.

Do you believe in Jesus?

Are you willing to pray in person, over a real dead body, for resurrection?

Can you commit to participating in trainings, prayer, etc. with the DRT?

What type of role interests you most for the DRT?

4 + 12 =

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